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Tom Gates Series - A Quick Summary
Published: March 13th, 2019

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"PUDDING!" (The Brilliant World of Tom Gates, page 120).

This quote resonates with how Tom's grandparents entered a room and screamed "PUDDING!. What was so interesting about this quote was that there was no pudding in sight. Just a stack of pink pancakes. But then where was the pudding? Is it up there? Is it right around the corner? Is it in North Dakota? Is it hiding in someone's closet? Is the grandparents just being jerks to their grandchildren? It seems that these questions are one of life's questions that are better or best unanswered and should be never talked about to this very day.

Tom Gates is a book series which seems pretty familar to Diary of a Wimpy Kid, was in the style of a kids sketchbook (instead of a formatted journal style) and was introduced to me by my aunt who gave two books in the series, the red one and the blue one (I think it's #1 and #2 but I don't have time to look that up) to me to read on a plane. Weirdly for me, I read all those books before I even got on that plane and I was reading them in the room so quietly and so focused, I didn't even notice my litle sibling sleeping in her crib. I didn't even notice she was there in the first place.

If you enjoyed Diary of a Wimpy Kid, you might get a 6/10 the same experience if you read the Tom Gates series, but still an enjoyable read.