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The Very Bad Book - A Quick Summary
Published: March 18th, 2019

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"The Very Bad Book is Very Good!" (The Very Bad Book, page 91).

This quote is a lie. Most of the humor in this book is pretty crude.

The Very Bad Book is a series of poems, comics, stories which can get pretty silly with kids jumping in volcanos, ants flying into the sun with a big red shiny space rocket, etc.

I was a very innocent child back then, and seeing this book called "The Very Bad Book" at milk bars and news agents made me very scared and uncomfortable. "All of evil is secretly trapped in that book and reading that out loud would unleash it." I thought to myself. But then one day in primary school, a friend showed his copy of The Very Bad Book for show and tell. I was hesitant at first but then he showed me some of the stories and I think on that day my neck hurted from laughing so much. My friend got the first version of The Very Bad Book, which was cleverly called "The Bad Book" which I loved it's amazing and continuous very bad story that contained an amazing vocabulary! I never got that version unfortuanely but there was another version I got by the same author, Andy Griffths which is somewhere in my house "Killer Koalas from Outer Space and Lots of Other Very Bad Stuff that Will Make Your Brain Explode!" which was simply a collection of stories from both The Very Bad Book and The Bad Book.

I would recommend this book (or book series if you can even count that) if killer koalas that rip off your face and kids on wheelbarrows falling down cliffs and stupid inventors are you go to place for humour.